Latest 1.7.2 version news:

Hooray! LotsOMobs now is fully updated to minecraft 1.7.2! Work now continues on remaking the Ice Dimension and after that: Improving and expanding!

Version 1.7.2-201.0.0! First full release!

  • DinoPlains
  • DinoJungle
  • DinoMountains
  • DinoOcean, with some Ichtyosauruses
    DinoOcean, with some Ichtyosauruses
  • DinoIslands

Dimensions that only have one type of biome are boring! So today I have remade the entire Dinosaur Dimension. Its now "MultiBiome"! How cool is that. Currently the DinoWorld is made up of the following biomes:

  • DinoPlains
  • DinoIslands
  • DinoJungle
  • DinoMountains
  • DinoOcean
DinoOcean, you might be wondering... Yes, a huge Ocean with of course: A water Dino! The Ichtyosaurus has been added as well! Its a passive dinosaurs that used to eat fish :)

Have you played the 1.6.4 version of LotsOMobs? Then you might have died a lot while teleporting to a new dimension? Well, that has also been fixed! To get into the new dimension do the following:
  1. Get some mossy Cobblestone
  2. Build a netherportal shape out of it
  3. Get a FlintAndFossil
  4. Light the Portal!
Now you can safely enter the portal and arrive in the DinoWorld. You will spawn inside a new portal that will take you safely home. The days of suffocating in blocks are over! :D

Todays update also includes:
  • Dino Planks
  • Dino Stairs
  • All the fossils
  • All the DNAs
  • Ambers
  • Amber Ore
  • Amber armor and tools
  • Ivory tools
  • Dino Skin Armor
  • A Time traveler Item, that takes you to the nearest portal in the next dimension
  • Retexture of the Dino log and planks

As you might have read in the lists above, a ton of features were updated and improved today. The only thing missing from the 1.6.4 version is the DNAExtractor and the Ice Dimension. But I dont want to wait for them to get updated sooooo:

This is the first full version for 1.7.2!

Latest 1.6.4 version news:

A fully working LotsOMobs version!

Sorry it took so long for this to get fixed. Everytime LotsOMobs was installed on a server it would crash, this was because of an error in the DNAExtractor GUI and texture. This needed to be fixed. But the DNAExtractor was so old that the entire code had to be rewritten!

This has now been done and LotsOMobs is now 100% functional, both SMP and SSP!

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